To My College Self

Dear College-Christine, It’s me. Well, you. In the future. Don’t worry, even though you’re not into sci-fi at all now, you’ll get there. You’ll have a really awesome roommate who opens up the world of fiction and story telling to you in a way that you can’t even imagine right now.  You don’t know me, … Continue reading

How to Boost Your Klout Score

I by no means call myself a social media expert. Other people call me that. I do, however, enjoy connecting with friends from around the world by getting small glimpses into their daily lives. I also am a sucker for competition, specifically with my roommate and my boyfriend (for the record, I am beating both … Continue reading

It Involves All of Us

I ask for volunteers. They don’t know what they are in for and neither do I – I am taking a risk and trying an illustration that I’ve never done before. I did, after all, think of it the day earlier. In the spirit of learning to be brave and risking failure, I pass out … Continue reading

William Thomas

The summer I was seven, I lived in the woods. Well it wasn’t just me; I was with my brother and cousins. And it wasn’t the whole summer; it was only a week. And we came back into Pop and Nana’s house for meals and to sleep. The hours spanned like years made up of … Continue reading

I am an artist.

In great anticipation of this week’s Hutchmoot conference (really, you should watch this video), I want to post my thoughts that led me to the decision to attend. It’s been over a year of processing, talking, journaling, reading, and even dabbling in creating – all around the topic of creativity and what it means to … Continue reading

For Those Who Wait

Facebook has us pegged. With its super-high-intelligent-algorithms, it can tell what life stage you’re in, and through not-so-subtle advertising, try to push you to the next life stage. You’re single? Great, keep those dating site ads coming. Dating? Look, another engagement ring. Last week, I had one ad for an engagement ring and another for … Continue reading

Millennials: A Shot of Adrenaline

Millennials could be the greatest thing that happens to the Church. Maybe that’s an over exaggeration, because there are a lot of pretty great things that happened to the Church. The conversion of the Apostle Paul, for one. DC Talk, for another. (Okay, I jest.) I’m tired of all of the blogs and articles which … Continue reading

Seven Week Fast

Due to an interesting series of circumstances, I spent the last seven weeks without a computer. I know you have a million questions racing through your mind right now: What? YOU went seven weeks without a computer? How did you survive? Did you feel like you went back in time? What WAS life like before computers? … Continue reading

These Present Sufferings

“At the beginning of dinner, his name was William. By the end of dinner he was called Edmund and he was going to stay longer than I expected.” I’ve never written a fiction story. I enjoy reading them and have been taken to many worlds through the writings of Shakespeare and J.K. Rowling and most … Continue reading

Beauty in Urgency

Written on October 10, 2012 God is drawing people to Himself by His sheer majesty. He must be.  Tonight the sunset brought me to my knees.  Well figuratively, because I was driving and therefore kept well seated, but it literally took my breath away. I was driving to an honors presentation of a friend who … Continue reading