How to Boost Your Klout Score

I by no means call myself a social media expert. Other people call me that. I do, however, enjoy connecting with friends from around the world by getting small glimpses into their daily lives. I also am a sucker for competition, specifically with my roommate and my boyfriend (for the record, I am beating both of them). I also like to help others, so here are a few tips for boosting your Klout score.


Please note: Some of these are not from personal experience, but extrapolation from the activity on friends’ sites.

  • Attend an event with many people who love social media (i.e. Hutchmoot)
  • Post photos of autumn leaves.
  • Write nice things about your friends on twitter (they may retweet it, or at the very least, favorite it).
  • Tweet short quotes from famous people (easily retweetable and never debatable).
  • Post pictures of your baby/boyfriend/girlfriend/niece/nephew/dog.
  • Get engaged.
  • Post random stories about the local deli. Everybody likes to buy local.
  • Instagram pictures of food.
  • And sunsets.
  • And autumn leaves.
  • Mention characters from childhood television shows.
  • Tweet to Liz Burns (@carajiggirl92) about NCIS.
  • Tweet to Liz Burns (@carajiggirl92) about poltics.
  • Get a new phone cover.
  • Post a picture of said phone cover. With pictures that match the phone cover.Photo on 10-17-13 at 4.44 PM #2
  • Host a house concert (shameless plug: NOVEMBER 3! OUR PLACE! ERIC PETERS!)
  • Get free things by having a high Klout score. Write about it on social media . Get free things.
  • “Post pictures of Christine!” – Carrie (who helped me do research for this blog post, so go “like” something of hers to say thank you.)
  • Get married.
  • Be satirical.

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