Seven Week Fast

Due to an interesting series of circumstances, I spent the last seven weeks without a computer. I know you have a million questions racing through your mind right now: What? YOU went seven weeks without a computer? How did you survive? Did you feel like you went back in time? What WAS life like before computers? How did you work from home without a computer? Did you go through withdrawal? 

I would like to now take this blog post to completely ignore your questions and instead tell you what I have observed during my unintentional computer fast.

  1. Smartphones really are mini computers.
  2. While typing on a smartphone, my emails are more concise.
  3. When used consistently, my smartphone needs to be charged at least six times a day.
  4. My handwriting has significantly improved.
  5. Who needs Excel? My boss found the photo of my handwritten budget proposal to be “refreshing.”

I also realized how much I actually do multi-task, and how conducive my computer is for doing that. While I can only have one screen in front of me at a time on my phone, my mind adjusts to only focusing on one task at a time. Frustrating as that may be, I go through life a little less scattered and at the end of the day, a little less mentally exhausted. I have also found that for what it’s worth, sitting at a computer screen is a  kind of comfort zone for me and I am thankful for the ways it allows me to easily communicate with the world and [attempt to] organize my life.

What lessons do I want to take away from these past seven weeks? That question, my friends, I will answer:

  1. A computer is a luxury, not a need.
  2. Never stop being creative in communication.
  3. Always take time to step away from technology.
  4. Take one task at a time, and don’t get lost in the internet [okay, Facebook]. 
  5. Don’t spill orange juice on your Macbook.



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