December 11: How To…

… make those snowflakes!  Last week, Maddy taught me how to make these creative snowflakes and now I’ll try to teach you.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– six pieces of standard white paper
– tape
– scissors
– a stapler
– hot chocolate (candy cane optional)

1. Take a piece of the paper, fold one of the corners in, to create a triangle. Cut off the excess. 

2. Fold this triangle in half, so you have a smaller one.

Do this with all six pieces.

3.  Take one of the triangles and hold it in front of you, fold toward the bottom and point facing out (the paper shape reminds me of Gill).

You want to make FOUR cuts up the triangle, cutting just an inch or so below the end of the paper.

Do this with all six of your triangles.

4. This next part is a little trickier, so here’s a video:

5. Now, I trust you have six beautiful pieces of ‘snow’ that you’re ready to attach together! Here’s when you’ll use that stapler. Take two spiral pieces and staple them together in TWO places – once at the base (where you’ll attach all six together) and again on the side. 

6. Grab a third spiral piece and attach it the same way (at the base and side), making a set of three.

7. Make another set of three with the remaining pieces.

8.  Your FINAL STEP (you’re almost done!) is to staple these two pieces together – once in the middle and once each attaching the other two sides. 

WE FINALLY HAVE OUR SNOWFLAKE!  To hang it, you can attach a piece of string to the top and tie it wherever you’d like it to snow. Sip hot chocolate and enjoy!


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