December 6: Snowflakes.

Here in Michigan it snowed yesterday and today, my first snowfall of the season. My colleague made a good observation (in the attempt to cheer me up after informing me that it was a lot warmer back home today): here we don’t have to plow, shovel, or drive – we can simply sit back and enjoy the simple beauty of the snowfall.

It really is beautiful.

After a long day of coaching training and a delicious dinner, I spent time snowflake making with my honorary little siblings (who taught me how to make these!). Friday’s Christmas party is going to be a winter wonderland. Just like Michigan.


3 thoughts on “December 6: Snowflakes.

    • I’m working on that – Maddy taught us how to do it and I think she learned in school. Checking to see if there are any instructions anywhere. Each of these flakes is made up of five pieces of paper.

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