December 2.

I don’t want to post today.

No picture I took or word I can write is able to convey what today felt like…
…or meant … or should be remembered for.

I took a photo.
I thought of a funny title.
But that’s not what I feel like posting.

Then I took another photo, while walking around the music building, at PBU.

Today a great, humble servant of God went Home.

Dr. Hsu, may God ever be glorified through you life and now through the friends, family and students whose lives He has used you have changed.

Carrie’s Blog, “Missing Uncle Sam”
Davey’s Blog, “On Sam Hsu”
Gordon’s Blog, “Reflections on Losing a Mentor”
Sam Hsu, YouTube, “This is My Father’s World”


One thought on “December 2.

  1. This is a really good photo of the day. I had similar thoughts as I entered the music building on Friday night.

    But you should have a bonus photo sometime later in the month with the other one! ‘Cause it was really fun.

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