Christine Unplugged.

This weekend I drove to the beach for a weekend AWAY – away from my computer, away from people, and even away from cell service (whether that is AT&T’s fault or God’s providence, I do not know). Over the period of 48 hours, I read one whole book, walked around 20 miles on the beach, drank over 6 cups of tea, watched 2 sunsets and one sunrise, and got to know shop keepers, international students, and even a member of the police department (leave it to me to try and get away from people, only to make new friends).

While walking along the beach, some time I’d pray or some times I’d listen, quieting my soul to God and listening for Him – in the wind, in the waves, in His Spirit. I was reminded that His love for us is rich, creative, and not dependent on anything I do or do not do. How deep is His love for us!

While I began my journey to the shore, this is what was before me.

My home for the weekend.

Walking along the beach.

Beautiful sunset.

Magnificent sunrise.

After the sunrise, I walked to a nearby diner to get coffee and breakfast. I took my food back to the beach to sit in the sand, listening to the live band at the gazebo and watching the Atlantic City Marathon runners go past.

Driving home, I saw THIS beautiful sky.

“He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul…” (Psalm 23)


2 thoughts on “Christine Unplugged.

  1. Beautiful! I have to say, seeing a sunrise over the ocean to the east is something I’ve never witnessed. I’ve only watched it rise over the Rockies!

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