When the going gets slow…

I know you all have wondered at some point or another, what does a mobilizer do when there is no one visiting the booths at a misson conference? Well, since today has been one of those days here at the seminary, I will let you in on a few of my secrets:

1. Drink tea. Lots of it, the cafeteria is just downstairs!
2. Do some productive work at a table by the booth, catch up on emails and connecting with other contacts.
3. Post on facebook. And twitter. And my blog.
4. Go to the cafeteria for another cup of tea.
5. Use the bathroom, especially after all that tea.
6. Get to know the other mobilizers, catch up with old friends. (Chuck Walton, with Wycliffe, is across from me!)
7. Carefully craft my introduction to the ONE student who walks by my booth.

Maybe it’ll pick up tomorrow?


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