“Park the car in Harvard Yard”

Remember that last post?
About not knowing what the day would hold?
And letting God direct it?
Ya, He did. And then He sent me to Harvard.

While sitting at Panera and wondering what I was going to do until I went to hang out with the woman I’m staying with (who wasn’t getting home until 9pm), I received a comment on my Facebook wall from my friend Tim (I work with his dad at SEND), indicating that I better not be at the Panera in Harvard Square without him. Though a series of posts and texts, it was decided: I was driving to Harvard.

With no address known, I plugged “Harvard Yard” into my GPS. Tim said I could park there, so off I drove. When I got off of the highway, I had driving in New Haven flashbacks and only had to use my horn once, being quickly reminded that I really don’t like city driving. But it was all going to be better when I could set my Facebook status as, “I parked my car in Harvard Yard, epic,” or something to that effect. But when I got closer, I learned that there is not parking garage or parking lot as I had imagined. I also imagined a shipyard. And more water. None of it. My dreams of Harvard Yard were shattering as I pulled into the 30-minute-only parking in front of Dunkin Donuts, praying Tim would bring quarters and I wouldn’t get a ticket (God answered both prayers).

I ended up having a great time with Tim and his friends: seeing Harvard campus (99 libraries, seriously?), Chinese food for dinner (I ordered tofu on purpose), and a walk to the Charles River. It was so great to spend time with new friends and also be encouraged by what God’s doing in the lives of His followers at Harvard!

So even though Harvard Yard wasn’t exactly what I expected, neither was my day.


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