“…and I’ve never been to Boston in the fall.”

… to quote one of my favorite VeggieTales songs. 😉

Except that, it’s not a true statement. I’ve been to Boston in the fall, and this week I’m in Boston in the fall.  To be more specific, I’m now sitting at Panera Bread sipping tea with honey to soothe my sore throat. Yep, it’s fall.

This trip up north looks like this:

Sept. 28-30 Gordon College
Oct 1 – 2 York Baptist Church (I’m speaking to the youth group on Sunday!)
Oct 3 – 7 Gordon-Conwell Seminary Mission Week

This trip to Gordon will be especially interesting. In preparing for this week, I sent an email a month ago to the college asking for booth space in the student center and emailed all of SEND’s contacts at the school. Last week, the university replied saying that there is no booth space available and out of almost 100 emails to Gordon students, I had TWO positive replies. (Actually, I had two replies.) So I’m here and available, and looking forward to see what God is going to do the rest of the week. All of my plans aren’t looking so hot and so I am making myself available to whatever God would have me do. Let’s do this.


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