Lessons from Contra

I feel most alive while dancing. There’s something incredibly magical about the way your body becomes a part of the  rhythm and the music takes hold of your soul. The way the room spins faster than my skirt, the feeling when everyone in the room gets the foot pounding *just right* in a balance. It’s intoxicating.

Last night I danced the cool-down waltz with a young man named Matthew. When we began, I admitted that I am not very good at the waltz and he decided to dance with my anyway. “Lean back on my arm. There needs to be more tension in order for me to direct you,” he instructed. As I leaned back, I could feel what he meant. The tension created by his hand against my back I was more in tune with what he was going to do next and therefore could follow better.

I dropped my friends off after the dance and as I drove home, God brought this moment back to my mind. “Christine, the tension you are feeling in your life right now – don’t you see how I am using it so that you can follow me better? This way, you are more in tune with what I am going to do next.” I laughed out loud! Of course! A large part of the contra (and the waltz) is about the tension created by the dancers. This is what makes the dance beautiful and the right amount of tension creates the most magical moments.


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