What great days are made of.

Day begins with coffee at my favorite breakfast nook, the Coffee Cup Cafe (PBU students take note!). I met with a dear friend whom I met often with while I was still a student – and I heard of the many things God is doing in her life, including her recent trip to India! She was there, in the red light district, where she stood inside of the brothels and prayed for the women there. Incredible.

Next to drop clothes and books off at the local thrift store. My closet is now a little cleaner.

Catch up with a chorale member, whose life has changed significantly since returning to our country. Together we share what God is doing in our lives and encourage each other with how amazing His grace and forgiveness is. I was reminded as I lived out Henri Nouwen’s call to preach the gospel to each other daily.

After a rendezvous in the bathroom with a good friend and a new friend (since bathrooms are good for that), I drive to my apartment for a quick nap and some brief computer work. Feeling refreshed, I drive back to campus to meet with another student, and am equally energized and encouraged from our conversation. My favorite question, “How can I pray for you?” incites deep discussion of the needs of our hearts as we then go before the Lord together.

Now, on to an event I have eagerly anticipated throughout the summer. I arrive at Panera Bread and join with friends with a common interest – to learn and understand more of Muslim culture. Together we pray and discuss, read and learn, and probably make quite the spectacle of ourselves in the restaurant as we sat together and held hands in prayer.

God is at work and I am blessed to be a part of it. This is what great days are made of.


One thought on “What great days are made of.

  1. love it – and you…miss those times at PBU…SO thankful you’re there to missions mentor and pray with the students! you go girl!

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