Another Post of Recommendations

I’m always stumbling upon interesting articles and links through my travels and my tweets (there IS purpose for Twitter!). Here are a few sites I have enjoyed recently:

Articles: Something I often struggle with (who, me?), Tim Keller writes about the Biblical concept of Sabbath: Wisdom and Sabbath Rest. On a similar note, here are some helpful hints to incorporate rest into your DAILY life:  Rituals to Make Your Day Better (mmm… drinking tea).

Photography: You can’t help but get nostalgic when you scroll through these pictures and think of how much the world has changed (but not) and how much you have grown (but still feel so young): Dear Photography.

Blogs to Read: Cindy Hunter challenged me last weekend to keep the blog updates coming! Be sure to check out her site as she writes about her family’s journey to Spain as missionaries with SEND International. (There are even a couple of posts in there about me!)

Tweets to Follow: ME! I’m updating more – thoughts on life, great articles, and pictures of travels. Also, don’t forget to follow SEND International for updates and prayer requests!

YouTube: Especially in light of the 10th anniversary September 11th, this video is extremely powerful and beautiful: A Land Called Paradise.


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