Watching Watches.

Since the invention of the cell phone I first owned a cell phone, I stopped wearing watches. Who needs to wear something uncomfortable on their wrist when you carry around a small machine that has the time right on it? Well, due to recent events such as: traveling on airplanes (and turning my cell phone off) and being on my cell phone too much and liking the occasional “cell-free evening” (but seriously, when does that happen?), I decided to invest in a watch. (By “invest,” I mean, “buy one on sale at Kohls with my 30% off coupon).

Since my watch ownership, I have been watching watches. While I watch, I ponder: “Is this person right handed of left handed?” “What might this style of watch tell me about this person?” and question of this post, “Is the face of the watch on the top or bottom of the wrist?”

I’m not sure why I started pondering this question. I think it’s because as soon as I put the watch on my wrist, the face landed on the palm side of my wrist, but as I started watching others, no one else wore it like this. It made me wonder if there was a “right” way to wear a watch. I also wondered why I did it this particular way. At first I rationalized it that I don’t like having the time constantly in front of my face, so this way I have to tilt my arm to see. But today I remembered the real reason: I wear it like my dad wears it. (And I remember this because at church, when he holds his Bible, I can look over and see what time it is.)

Do you wear a watch? How do you like to wear it?


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