Is God calling you to missions?

I spent a week with mobilizer, Cindy Ely, from SIM USA, at a Christian university. When we returned she wrote this, some very wise questions and advice:

I just came back from a few days at a Christian University, meeting with students, and I’m noticing a common theme in the conversations that I’m having with them. The statement that I consistently here when discussing missions is, “I’m just not sure that I’m “called” to missions.”  It seems many are looking and waiting for a “second call” in addition to the call of Christ in Matthew 28 to make disciples of all nations. My fear is that many will stay in the states because they are waiting for an experience outside of what is found in Scripture. The Great Commission is reason enough!  We may or may not end up overseas, the Great Commission can be fulfilled anywhere, but we can’t wait for a “writing on the wall experience” to GO somewhere that is unfamiliar. Like any other decision in life, we pray and ask God in Faith for wisdom and for strength to obey wherever he directs.  Let me add here, that I, in NO WAY have this all figured out, nor am I always obedient to the mandate of the Great Commission. I am a big mess, but I’m learning a few things along the way…

Questions to consider:

  • Am I being obedient to where God has me now?
  • Am I open to him uprooting me and sending me to another country even if that is alone?
  • What if he directs me to stay right here? Will I be okay with that?
  • What am I doing now to prepare me for what He has for me later? Am I a shining light where he has me now?
  • Am I involved in my local church?
  • Is there sin in my life that I need to address?
  • Are there things from my past that I have run away from that I need to face? these things will no doubt come out on the mission field!

Some advice:

  • ABIDE in Christ. To be like him is the goal. Don’t make missions and idol. He is to be what we seek and run after. Don’t make direction an idol. We consume ourselves so often with needing to know the future. That’s not how God works. Trust him and be obedient TODAY.
  • PRAY. Ask God for wisdom. Pray IN FAITH, without doubting, that he’ll respond.
  • FIND a local church involved in missions and get involved.
  • FIND a mentor. Someone older and spiritually mature who will come along you in your journey. You might have to ask for one.
  • DO Something.  Sometimes all the options are overwhelming, but don’t let this paralyze you. Do something. Move forward in prayer in a certain direction. Don’t be so fearful of making the wrong choice. If God doesn’t want you to do it, He’ll shut the door. He is that big.
  • LEARN to be flexible and open to the Lord’s calling
  • UNDERSTAND how support raising is Biblical. An article I just read on this…
  • CONSIDER taking Perspectives

4 thoughts on “Is God calling you to missions?

  1. Excellent post! When I saw the title of your post I was afraid you were going to be talking about how people get “called” into this or that ministry, and there’s no Biblical backing for that claim at all. I was very relieved to discover just the opposite.

  2. Thanks for sharing Christine! It’s amazing to see how we fit into global missions! Excellent questions and advice shared! I praise God for holding all things in control!

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