When in the South…

New unexpected experiences! I planned to fly out of Newark on Sunday to join a team of mobilizers from SIM to visit Liberty University Monday morning. Given the northeast’s weather conditions, I changed my flight to Friday night and bought the ticket and raced out the door to catch my train to New York and flew to Charlotte, NC giving me two extra days to enjoy southern hospitality with Scott and Cindy Hunter!

It’s my first time in the South, if you don’t count a weekend in Fairfax, Virginia (which I don’t, except that the preacher had a southern accent). I’m now in North Carolina and have had a whole bunch of  new experiences:

– first time in North Carolina
– first authentic sweet tea (as I’m always reminded)
– first time being offered sweet tea for breakfast
– first time in South Carolina
– first southern family reunion
– first time eating a grape straight from the vine
– first time referring to my home as “up north”
– first time eating boiled peanuts (well, first time even HEARING of boiled peanuts), which you are to bite on, suck the ‘juice’ out (salt water they are boiled in), crack it open and eat (or suck out… sort of) the peanuts. I don’t think I’ve quite gotten the exact science down yet.

I’ve also learned a few things too:

– I come from a foreign land.

Dharma (age 10): “My Sunday school teacher told me that any state that isn’t South Carolina is a foreign land! Where are you from?”

– Sometimes, it’s not ‘soda,’ it’s all ‘coke.’

Me: “Does anyone else want something to drink?”
Dharma: “I’ll take a coke!”
Me (quietly): “Hey, Alex, does she mean real coke or some other coke?”

–  Maybe the south has something going on that I’ve missed. But I could always use an extra day… (see bottom line: “8 days a week”)

Tonight I’m told we’re having something called “Boston Butt.” But I don’t think it comes from Boston, and I’m not too sure about the whole “butt” thing.


3 thoughts on “When in the South…

  1. Ahh! You’re making me miss home (though I suppose even southern VA is “up north” to them). I certainly remember asking or being asked what kind of Coke I wanted. Ya gotta love the vernacular; ya gotta love the South!

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