Yesterday I made the 5 hour drive from Grand Rapids area where I was visiting friends at Camp Michawana to a small town outside of Dayton, Ohio (well, it took me closer to seven hours after rest stops and getting lost!). Here near Dayton I have the incredible privilege of staying with family I have never spent time with before – family who are believers! During the car ride here, I spent some much needed time in prayer and even found a Christian radio station while going through Indiana. While I was praying, I was talking to God about how weary my heart felt from traveling so often – how feeling so unsettled in my relationships made it difficult to continue investing in new ones that I would meet and see for a few days and then leave again so quickly. As I was praying a specific song came on the radio, one that a dear friend of mine had posted on my wall last week, the one I included in my last email. The lyrics which cut so deeply to my heart said this: “What if my greatest disappointments/ Or the achings of this life / Is the revealing of a greater thirst / This world can’t satisfy?” (Laura Story, Blessings) What if this desire for stability and this desire to never have to say good bye or to miss those I love is this thirst for what is to come, and this desire for something that will never be fulfilled on this earth?  And what if this thirst is God’s gift to me to keep me longing for the life that is to come.

This morning, I joined my cousin Tara at a monthly Bible study where Christian professionals come to meet at a local Christian coffee shop. They are now going through a book by Randy Alcorn called, “Money, Possessions, and Eternity” and one of the chapters discussed today was on being a pilgrim in this earth. Alcorn gives the illustration of an ambassador from the US going into a country that is hostile toward our culture. He explains the danger in this ambassador becoming too comfortable in the new land, and calling it home. This world isn’t our home. Our country of residence may be our ‘passport country,’ but our true citizenship is in heaven! This was exactly the reminder I needed – yes, I am uncomfortable and yes, that is God’s plan – because this makes my heart long more for my true Home.


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