Bucket List.

I never made a bucket list.
When I first heard the idea of making a bucket list, I decided I didn’t want to do it because then I would feel pressure to get everything done. What if I didn’t do something? What if I couldn’t do something? I’d rather just say, “I’d like to do this one day…” then write it down on paper, that seemed like a bit much.

But if I had written a bucket list, this would have been on it: Fly first class.

Tomorrow as I fly from Philadelphia to Detroit, I will get to cross that item off of my never-written bucket list. : )

And I realize that by obeying God and taking risks for the sake of His glory, I get to do things I never would have even thought to put on a bucket list. I first realized that while I was scuba diving in the Philippines. Never would I have dreamed of doing that! Never would I have thought to put: surf off the coast of Australia or go on a night safari in Chiang Mai. I think that God has a sort of bucket list for me, and I’ll happily wait and see what He’s got on there for me!


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