Summer Workin’.

Good news! My home church increased my support again. This is super encouraging and exciting, and I am extremely blessed to be a part of and SENT by such an incredible body of believers. I was able to make a quick visit there for Father’s Day (and successfully surprise my family!) and was so happy to see friends and give and receive so many hugs. Now, if I could just kick my butt in gear and write a missionary-bulletin-update, the missions committee would love me even more.

On another note, it’s summer and I’m not on campuses! So what am I doing? Well these past couple of days I’ve been working on two projects:

(1) Finishers. SEND has become a partner which means we now have access to profiles people post (think: eHarmony for mission organizations). It’s my job to follow up on our matches (I told you, eHarmony!) who are between the ages of 18 and 29. Wanna see your matches? Fill out a profile today!

(2) Church info updates. Our data base is in need of some clean up, so we’ve been working at updating and cleaning out the church entries in the database. For me, this means looking up the church contact info on the internet and entering it into the system. The work is a little boring, but the mindlessness is not that bad (plus, I just blast the country music and it’s still summer). It’s been interesting to learn about different churches in the area and especially to read the pastor’s bios and also noticing the similarities in the websites according to style, size, and denomination. Today, I found a church that has FORTY people on staff. 40. Then I realized that this number is without the pastors. I found the link to the pastors page and discovered TWENTY-FIVE people on staff as pastors. 25! Who is the senior pastor? Joshua Harris! This makes more sense. But to a girl from rural Connecticut, this is a big church.

So now, back to researching churches. I’ve got about 10 churches left in Maryland and then I’ll move to something else. Or make a cup of tea. Happy summer!


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