Working from the Big Chair

I never wanted an office job, but when I get to spend two days in the office I get super excited. Seriously, last night I felt like it was Christmas Eve and I had trouble getting to sleep because of the anticipation.

Things I love about working in an office:

  • A bright, smiling face welcoming you to work. (Thank you, Carolyn Hardy.)
  •  A big, comfy chair to sit in and a view of a huge window that’s just beautiful. (Okay, it’s trees and houses.)
  • Morning Starbucks run with the Director of Security.
  • Wearing a name badge.
  • Walking into Starbucks with a man who LOOKS LIKE he would be Director of Security wearing a name badge.
  • Working on debrief and realizing there is a debrief manual on the book shelf behind me. Convenient.
  • I want tea? That requires me to go and stand with some coworkers while the water boils.
  • Talking with coworkers face to face and not just on email or skype.
  • Need a break? Just go make another cup of tea.
Speaking of which, it’s time for more tea. I’m sure I’ll come up with more later. What are some things YOU like about working in an office?

2 thoughts on “Working from the Big Chair

  1. Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one in the world who gets excited about things like this. I just love offices… especially the desk. And the nametag. I’ll admit that the thing I’m very excited about with my new teaching job is….. the uniform. I’ve had an obsession with uniforms since I was little and my mom made me a school uniform for Christmas one year and I wore it proudly because I looked like everyone else in my uniform-clad-world. The States is less uniform-oriented, so I delighted in my enrollment operations nametag, but was more delighted with my security officer uniform (even if their smallest size was way too big). 🙂

  2. hmmm..

    i like drinking tea and coffee all day long. 🙂 i have a hot pot in my office and YOU, my dear, owe me a mug warmer!

    i like that i can listen to music while i work. (which reminds me, i need to get new headphones.)

    i like that organizing things is a huge part of my job! i love to organize.

    i like that Googling is part of my job.

    i like that i’m in an office, so i can just close the door and focus on my work. (i don’t do this too often, but it’s a definite perk.)

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