Love Story.

Ever get a moment when you think, “Oh, here is another reason why God had me do this?” I had one of those today – as if I didn’t love my time teaching in Connecticut enough, I know more and more why I had to spend a year there. First of all, being here is like substitute teaching. Every day, there is something completely new – a new group of people, a new ministry, a new lesson to  be learned. I have so much to see during my time here, that I am packing it all in. Teaching taught me to be flexible and required me to adapt to new situations quickly in order to take leadership. Today I went to the university to “observe” English classes. In each class, I introduced myself and in one class I had to teach a part! It was so wonderful and I was thankful to be able to think on my feet (something filipinos are very good at!) and give my all in every situation.

Funniest part of the day? Students referring to me as “Taylor Swift” which required me to give them a “sample” and sing. Oye. I made the girls sing with me. It’s a love story, baby just say yes.


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