Traveling, traveling.

Manila is a wonderful city! There’s so much life, action, and PEOPLE! SO MANY PEOPLE! And me, who is partial to smaller towns, found this exciting. Go figure. More on this to come, but definitely check out my pictures from Manila HERE! Soon to come will be a video of my adventure eating balut (google it), but that’s on facebook only at the moment.

I’m now on another island where it’s HOTTER and a lot more rural. The mountains are beautiful and apparently so are the beaches but I’ve yet to visit. I’ll have a really packed week, so stay tuned for updates and photos but no promise of frequent ones. 🙂

Some overall observations? It’s hot, and I love it. Tagalog is more and more beautiful to me each day and between the Spanish influence and use of English words, I can understand a little (I also love reading facial expressions and body language). People here are so friendly – last night Trent and I were walking to the mall and a man just came up and said to him, “Hey Joe, what’s going on!” and gave us some advice on where we were going. One of many incidents.

Now, it’s time for a little rest before the week really picks up!


One thought on “Traveling, traveling.

  1. comment a) Love that you just ‘britishified’ your language and said “I’ve yet to visit.” I feel like my influence getting you to watch two British films right before you departed has not been lost.

    comment b) Listening to Tagalog always makes me relax like nothing else can do.

    comment c) Enjoy your heat. Glad it’s you, not me. We’re supposed to hit 86 today, which is plenty for me.

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