God’s Schedule

“Starbucks or Panera… Starbucks or Panera…” I was trying to make the quick decision as I entered 128 toward Beverly. Well, Panera has free refills, but I was just there yesterday. I’ll head to Starbucks.

I walked into the Beverly Starbucks and quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to stay here. EVERY seat was taken by students, textbooks on the table and coffee in hand. With a quick change of plans, I go to use the restroom before heading off the mile down the road for Panera Bread.

On my way out the door, a textbook on a table catches my eye, “Mounce,” I read. It’s a Greek workbook! Without thinking, I comment to its owner, “I went through that book!” He looks up, “Are you a Gordon-Conwell student?”

“No,” I reply, “I studied it at Philadelphia Biblical University. I enjoyed Mounce a lot.” Seminary student, John, and I continue talking about Greek and Hebrew for another few minutes. Our conversation then turns to living in cities as we compare Boston, Philadelphia, and New York. I ask him if he watched Tim Keller’s talk on Urbanization at the Lausanne Conference. “No, but I’ve heard a lot about the conference. Thanks for that tip, I’ll go look it up! I want to move to NYC because of Keller!”

As my new acquaintance returns back to his Greek study, I push the door to make my exit and I hear, “Christine!” Wondering quickly, who could possibly know me here in Massachusetts, I turn around to find my friend Cindy – whom I met in St. Louis, Missouri at the last Urbana! She’s studying at Gordon College and is here at Starbucks studying. She comes over and we greet each other with a giant hug. Quickly collaborating schedules, we’re now having a breakfast and beach walk date on Thursday.

I love it when God makes my schedule. It’s always better than I could have planned.

Oh, and now I’m at Panera Bread with a little booth with a power outlet all to myself. The questions I’m asking myself now is: Tea? or Coffee? Hm…


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