Loosely Held Plans & Earl Grey Tea

Currently reading: Radical, by David Platt (go out and get a copy NOW)
Currently drinking: Bigelow earl grey tea (it’s cheaper at Giant than it is at Stop n Shop!)
Currently listening to: the sound of my heater (!!) and the cars driving by my house

It’s about time for a real update. Picture are nice and little snippets of ministry are better than nothing at all, but I figured since it’s a nice lazy Saturday I should write about what life is looking like for me right now.  So what’s God teaching me now?

1. To hold my plans loosely. This lesson is coming about through the effects of rain/sleet/snow. I can make plans all I want, but if the roads are bad, plans are cancelled. This used to really frustrate me, but as I have been holding my February plans loosely, I’m realizing that this principle can be taken to all seasons of life! God has a plan that is way bigger than mine and I want to be content to trust in that (even when it means 2 hours of shoveling).

2. To give myself time for rest. Working from home presents an interesting dynamic to how I spend my time. Some weeks, especially when I’m traveling, I’m working every minute of every day. Other weeks, when I’m working out of the comfort of my living room, my time is less structured. And then there are Saturdays, when I could easily finish up some emails or plan for something. Or, like today, I could sit on my bed and read a book while drinking tea. In order for me to serve God well, I need to be resting in Him (and RESTING) and not going constantly.

3. It’s His work. Confession: I put way too much pressure on myself. Result: I get stressed out and anxious very easily. Truth: It’s God’s work to begin with, and it’s His work in me that is most important. I cannot do this on my own strength. On Monday, I began my training with the PBU Chorale – preparing them for their two week trip to Poland at the end of the semester. I prepared, I wrote plans, and I created the power point – and I was still incredibly anxious. Now, I always get nervous for public speaking, but I know that once I get in front of people, something inside of me just comes alive and I enjoy it. But where was this anxiety coming from? I realized that I was putting too much pressure on myself to perform and be perfect, when it was really GOD’S work – that HE wanted to speak to the chorale through me. It’s not my job to be perfect or have the perfect presentation. It’s my job to be willing to be used by the Holy Spirit and to give Him room to move and to speak.

This is all His work, anyway. I’m loving that and I’m loving hearing from students about how God is moving in their lives. This, for me, is the highlight – to sit with a cup of coffee or tea in hand, listening to what God is revealing about Himself to His people. Sometimes it is on the couch in my living room, sometimes it’s while walking through the snow-covered campus, but either way it gives glory and honor to Him and encourages my heart.


2 thoughts on “Loosely Held Plans & Earl Grey Tea

  1. Yea for Radical! That’s my latest and greatest read….currently on my nightstand. And…like you…I’m thoroughly enjoying it!

    I UNDERSTAND and love your insights.

    Blessings :o)

  2. amen!! yay – i just discovered newsblur.com and now i’m more organized in the blogs i’m following. 🙂 hooray for google chrome.

    anyway, i LOVE this post. and i LOVE you. and i put too much pressure on myself, too. let’s stop doing that.

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