Warren in the Word.

Every month, SEND’s International Director sends out an email to all staff called “Connecting Point.”  In this month’s he wrote about a topic that I wanted to share with you here! For more from Warren, check out his blog: www.send.org/warrens-blog.

I wonder when Noah first noticed it.

Noah had been given very specific instructions for building the ark.  Exactly this wide, this high, this long.  Three decks, with a door on the side.  To be made out of Gopher wood (did any of the other animals complain?  What about my wood?).  Building was the “easy” part – Noah could plan his days, see progress, deal with issues as they arose.  Genesis 6:22 tells us that “Noah did …all that God commanded him.”  He had completed the construction with care.  He stocked the ark for the journey, herded in all the animals according to specifications and then closed up the door.  It started to rain.

Now what?  There was no rudder.  No sail.  No ship’s wheel.  Who is driving this thing?  Where are we going?

Have you ever felt like that?  You’ve followed God’s guidance, but now it feels like the storm is here and the door is shut.  There is no helmsman and no helm by which to control this ship!  Noah and his family experienced 5 months of rudderless motion.  Last year in November and December two cruise ships lost power and were at the mercy of the ocean.  Reports from those experiences are anything but pretty.

Genesis 8 begins with the familiar “But God…”  There is always a “but God” in our lives, especially when parts seem out of control.  We are at the beginning of another year.  365 days to bless others and be a part of God’s kingdom venture.  365 days that may be filled with “building time” when we have clear direction and are seeing things accomplished, but also probably some “drifting time” when the door is closed and it is raining and you feel like you have no rudder.

Perhaps now is a good time to consider that God may have some “drifting times” ahead, when we’ll look for a rudder and not find one.  These are by design.  God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him and in His care.  That means dependence on His power and plan especially when we can’t control our direction or speed.  Perhaps now is a good time to commit to trusting God during those times when you have a blueprint in hand as well as those times when you can only look out the window at the falling rain, wondering where you are going to land.

So when you “notice it,” a voyage with no rudder, don’t panic.  Remember who is in control, and trust that He has designed this particular journey.


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