Goodbye, 2010!

It’s been a long with filled with MANY changes. I’m working now on a year-in-pictures video, so look for that soon. In the meantime, I’ve been reflecting on the past DECADE as we now roll into the SECOND decade of the century! It started as I was sitting at the mechanic’s (something I’ve done far too often this year), reading TIME Magazine’s article of the past ten years – with so many changes in our world and our country. I realized that I have had personally had a lot of changes in the past ten years too. With that in mind, here’s are some of my personal highlights of the first decade of the century:

– Graduations from: middle school (2000), high school (2004), college (2009), and graduate school (2009)
– Traveling to six countries (Australia, Poland, Czech, Bosnia, Germany, Canada)
– Visiting at least 20 states (Many of them for the first time! Michigan, Virginia, Maine…)
–  Joining SEND International (2009)
– Being a middle school Bible teacher at CHS  (2010)
– Starting work as a missions mobilizer! (2010)

… not to mention making so many great friends along the way. These friendships are truly what has made these past ten years so wonderful. Recently I have even reconnected with one friend that I knew at the beginning of the decade! For Halloween of 1999, we were “Millennium Girls,” and dressed in what we thought was “futuristic” clothing. Slightly based off of Disney’s, Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century. (Come on, you know you watched it too.)

With all of life’s changes and God’s blessings in the past, I look forward to the new adventures, new friendships, and new blessings that are to come. So it is with joy and anticipation that I say, “Goodbye, 2011! Welcome 2011!”


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