Willing in Willmington.

Last week a group of SEND mobilizers flew in from all over the country to meet at the Interchange Mobilizers Conference in Willmington, Delaware. There we gathered with a hundred of other church leaders and missions mobilizers to talk about … mobilizing people for missions!

(Pictured here is Kent – from LA, myself, and Teena – from Ohio at breakfast one morning at the Quality Inn.)

Though our hotel seemed like a cross cultural experience of its own (no internet, sporadic hot water, random items from our rooms missing, beds being short sheeted…oh, that last one I can explain), we enjoyed time together as a TEAM  – something we don’t get very often.

During the sessions, we heard from young leaders as they explained the benefit and challenges of intergenerational teams, we heard from business leaders explaining new ideas in the realm of Business as Missions, and we heard from church mission leaders share how missions is approached at their church. It was excited to see so many people gathered together for the same purpose.

Personally, it was a lot of information for this new mobilizer! I wasn’t quite sure how to file all of that information in my mind, but am hoping that it will slowly come to me with time. God certainly is teaching me how He wants me to be above all – WILLING – and that He will empower me for the rest!


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