When you travel…

It seems that when most of my time is spent on the road (or in the air), there are certain occurrences in the world around me that I miss out on. I’m lucky that my roommate takes the time to catch me up on pop culture, though taking in all of the news in one night is a little overwhelming.

Tonight, my world was rocked when I learned:

1) Jason Castro has released a Christian album (online only).
2) Michael Tait is now the lead singer of Newsboys.
3) Tangled is a musical.

I have decided to take swift action on these three accounts: First, I will ask for an iTunes gift card for Christmas and I will download Castro and then the Newsboys music once the shock wears off. Tonight, I could barely watch a music video. Second, I will go down to the local theater and watch Tanged. Tomorrow.


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