(This is just one of many crazy connections that revealed themselves throughout my weekend at Moody-Spokane!)

I first met Katie and Aaron Hoffman at Mission Connxion Inland Northwest in Spokane, WA this September. Katie and I bonded over our love and need for coffee during the conference. As newly appointed missionaries to Indonesia, they were just starting the support raising process and so we had many things to talk about. At Moody in November I meet up with the couple again and we go out for lunch together. Over lunch, Aaron ponders my name, “Christine Lindemann… I knew a Christine Lindemann in youth group…” Knowing that Aaron went to high school in South Carolina I quickly connect some dots and ask, “She didn’t happen to go to Clemson, did she?” Aaron nods as Katie looks surprised, “Do you know her?!” “Well,” I explain, “remember when facebook was relatively new and it was common to friend people with your same name? That’s what Christine and I did. We’ve never met.” “Aaron’s eyes grow wide as he explains that he and my name twin even went on a missions trip together when they were young.” When we return to the school, I contacted Christine to find out that yes, in fact, she went to youth group with Aaron Hoffman and we had more than a name connection.



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