Things I’ve Learned

Well, I’m into officially week three of living out on my own. Granted, I haven’t been here in my apartment all of that time, it’s been an interesting time of learning and growing and grieving and enjoying the adventure of life! Here are just a few things I have learned about myself along the way so far:

1. I prefer anise (licorice) flavored toothpaste.
2. I have WAY too many boxes of tea. (And will need to have many tea parties to remedy that problem.)
3. My work could easily become my hobby. (Which is why I need to have some personal hobbies.)
4. Purple and pink are the perfect accent colors to green. (Thank you, Salvaged.)
5. As much as I love to travel, I hate making travel arrangements. Just stick me on a plane, would ya?
6. I need personal time, but just the right amount. I enjoy staying alone at a hotel but I hate waiting alone at airports.
7. I actually do not enjoy talking to people sitting next to me on the airplane. Let me try to explain – I do not like starting awkward conversations with people sitting next to me. Often once a conversation gets going, I enjoy the company and good laughs (thank you to Sarah, for making our flight from Seattle to Minneapolis and dinner afterwards enjoyable!)
8. I like small cities. Philadelphia is too big. Newtown (which is a borough, not a city) is just right.
9. I know nothing about sports. This has always been true, but I am finally able to admit it. (Thank you to Jack, at the Coffee Cup Cafe for giving me a tutorial on the NFL.)
10. I enjoy doing laundry. (Who would have guessed THAT one?!)
11. I really want to learn a new language. Suggestions?
12. Learning to use a Mac is tricky. Learning to use a Mac while also using Parallels is like being in another country and skyping home every night.

There will definitely be more to come!
Ah, learning. Ah, LIFE!


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