…and I’ve moved!

I’m in my apartment in Pennsylvania! I am SO thankful for how smoothly things went today.

It only rained while we were driving (not while packing or loading!).
Dad fit EVERYTHING into his truck and we had room to spare.
We hit ZERO traffic (AND took the George WashingtonBridge!)
Michelle and I had an awesome time together driving down.
When I opened my front door, there was a package from the Borton’s!
My new desk fit through the door frame (Iwas worried about that.)
The set up of the room looks SO nice (though, I’m not completely unpacked yet!)
Dad installed blinds AND my last curtain AND hung my painting (he’s incredible.)
Had a fantastic dinner at cosi with Dad, Michelle, and apartment-mate Carrie.
(Sidenote – Carrie and Michelle’s nephews play in playgroup together. In Virginia.)
I got to eat Dave Given’s delicious apple pie for dessert (WITH cinnamon apple tea)
Crystal came over and brought me FLOWERS! (and a box of…. cinnamon apple tea!)

So today was awesome and God continues to bless me beyond my own understanding!!


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