Sent out!

This morning’s service was absolutely incredible. First of all, it reminded me that I’m not simply moving just for the sake of moving. I am being sent out by an incredible community to do GOD’S WORK. And what a privilege that is! Dave and Liz had the chance to share about what exactly I’m doing and how great the need is. Chris Kiley, who I have known for over ten years, shared of my connection with the church and to his family. I had the chance to share of how God has used Trinity to pour His love into my life over the past year. Finally, Pastor Miles called up the elders, missions committee, AND my small group to pray for me – it was so powerful! I had so many of the people I love there in that room! Afterwards, the lunch was delicious (what little I actually ATE!) but so wonderful to talk with people and be encouraged. The sermon series has been on things that keep us from ‘getting out of the boat’ and those things have been: fear and distractions. This morning and afternoon, none of those things got in the way. With the support of my Trinity family, and with my eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, I can take big steps of faith and I can ‘walk on water!”

Here I go!

P.S. Pictures from today are coming! (Thank you, Dave Givens!)


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