September Newsletter

This past week I finished and sent out my SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER! Below is the text from the front page. If you would like to receive a bi-monthly newsletter from me, comment below or email me with you email address or snail mail address (whichever you’d prefer).

A new school year has begun and the leaves are already beginning to change in Maine! (I know, I groaned a little bit too.) With the changing of the leaves come some changes in my life, news which I hope makes up for the fact that there has not been a newsletter from me since April (so don’t worry, you didn’t miss it!).

SEND has asked me to start work as a MOBILIZER on October 1, 2010! Yes, that’s a month away! So besides really kicking the partner development into gear (see: “Money Matters,” page 2), I’m learning more of what this job entails. Since it’s a common question (that even I ask!), I’ve decided to list some concrete aspects of my job description. Hopefully, you’ll catch the vision and see the need!

  • Represent SEND at missions conferences within my region (What’s my region? The Coastal Northeast from Maryland to Maine AND Oregon and Washington!)
  • Train and lead short term teams overseas — May 2011: Train and join the Philadelphia Biblical University Chorale for their annual Chorale Tour – this spring to Poland!
  • Plan and facilitate annual Invenio retreats in specific locations (
  • Connect with local churches, enhancing a missions network
  • Connect with and mentor missions minded college students

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