I’ve done my share of packing up my things and moving back and forth between Connecticut and Pennsylvania during my five years of college. This time is a little bit different because I will need to acquire my own furnishings rather than having them be provided by the college. I’ve been searching and praying for the things I’ll be needing like: a bed, dresser, desk, chair, paint, and curtains. Curtains? Yes! And here is the fantastic story of how God provided me with curtains.

In the beginnings of my search, I took a trip to Target because I’d seen them advertise thermal lined curtains. Knowing that my room is small and drafty, I thought it would be a wise investment to purchase thermal lined curtains (they do, after all, save up to 25% of heating costs!).  I found color that I liked in a good brand only to realize that the price of ONE CURTAIN was $35! I need FIVE! I wrote the information down and resolved that I’d keep looking and researching.

A couple of weeks went by and my family took their annual school shopping trip to Walmart. Mom came home to report that they sold thermal lined curtains – one curtain for $15! Now we’re doing better. Only thing was, they did not have the right color and the length was too short for what I needed. At least we knew they sold them, and so we kept looking.

Last week, Mom and I took a trip to Costco after my eye doctor appointment, to get a few things we needed around the house. There, I checked on the usual items: furniture (Costco sells a really neat fireplace-entertainment center if anyone’s interested!), office supplies, bedding, and then I looked in the towel section. While walking toward the check out feeling a little defeated (Costco’s towels can be a little expensive!), Mom spotted a package with the label, “Eclipse” – the same brand of the Walmart curtains. We picked up the package (and the two behind it) to discover we had found CURTAINS. Not just any curtains, but exactly the right color, length, and brand of the ones I’d been looking at in other stores! They were even packs of 2, and here were 3 packs – the right amount I needed! Mom started to look around to find the section where they came from so we could find the price. They were nowhere to be found. All they had in the store was the three packages we had found next to the towels. I held my breathe as we approached the check out counter. “This could cost about $50 a package!” I mentioned to Mom as we loaded our groceries onto the conveyor belt. Handing the cashier a package I asked, “Could you tell me how much this costs before you ring up the rest?” “Sure,” he responded, “Looks like it’ll be $14.99.” My jaw dropped to the floor and my eyes opened wide as I exclaimed, “I’ll take them all!”

And now I have my curtains.  : )


2 thoughts on “Curtains!

  1. Isn’t our God wonderful, Christine. His provision is ALWAYS timely. He ALWAYS gives what we need.
    You will continue to experience His wonderful provision as you get into ministry.

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