Back to the East

Back from Michigan after a whirlwind of more adventures! First thing I did upon arrival in Philadelphia was to buy a dinner of Chick-fil-a, especially after my Southern friends were talking so much about sweet tea all MOP long! I took the SEPTA up to stay with my dear friend Abby and we had a lovely time of catching up and eating dinner, then breakfast. In the morning, I left for the 200 mile drive down to Maryland for Davey and Laura’s wedding!

It was a great time of celebrating and dancing and laughing and catching up with friends! After the festivities, I drove 100 miles north (still inMaryland) to visit more friends and their new baby daughter!

It was a good chance to rest not only my body but my heart as well in a safe place with fantastic friends. On Sunday, my friend (who is an associate pastor) gave me a chance to share some of my story in his Sunday school class – as the teens had just come back from a missions trip!

Monday afternoon I left my Maryland oasis and journeyed up north to JFK airport, praying the whole way that I wouldn’t hit terrible commuter traffic. The Lord provided (see? even in the little things!) and I made it an hour and a half early to terminal 4 to pick up my dear friend Rebecca as she returns to the USA from Poland. It was an exciting reunion and we came back to Connecticut (her first time, my first time back in a month), stopping at McDonald’s on the way (and who knew that you’d need to speak Spanish to order a cheeseburger in Connecticut! It’s true, though!).

Tuesday’s adventures include, but are not limited to: Target, Polish market, lunch at the lake, coffee in New Haven, and bedtime.

becca at target.

eating pącki and the gnome!

our gnome goes to yale! : )


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