Birthdays have always been somewhat magical to me. It’s a day when I celebrate the life that God has given to me and what He has blessed me with! I always love doing something exciting and fun on this day – and this year, God planned it FOR me! I’m here in Michigan and what an amazing day I had. The day included, though is not limited to, the following activities:

  • Breakfast at the local Coney Island
  • Founder’s Day Parade
  • SEND Family Picnic by the lake (complete with games, watermelon, cake, AND swimming!)
  • Dinner at a dairy farm … and being sung to by the waitstaff and a man dressed up as a cow. And free ice cream.
  • A failed trip to Canada, but a successful journey to Tim Horton’s (mocha mint ice capp. YES.)
  • Family movie time (the best part was watching the kids laugh at the slapstick humor)
  • Reading facebook birthday wishes from friends all over the world!

It’s sure great to celebrate life.


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