MOP Day #4

Currently playing in my MP3 player: Great Big Sea (I’ve been spending time with Canadians)

I’m sitting here in the MEC (aka the dining hall) with a few fellow appointees all here for Member Orientation Program. We’re talking about Macs vs. PCs and I’m being persuaded. One cool thing is that SEND got an iPad and they totally revamped it so that it’s SEND-everthing – all of the pictures, videos and such are loaded on it.  As a mobilzier, I’d get to take one with me to all campuses – it would have all of the information at my fingertips!

Sessions are going well, though today was hard. Topics we covered are: Moral Purity and Suffering/Persecution. After a heavy day, some of us “relaxed” by playing a 3 hour and 15 minutes game of Phase 10.

And along with that, I’m learning some Japanese. So with that, oyasuminasai!


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