Outgoing expenses…

… are now up at 90%! THIS MEANS, that I only need $1,830 more for my outgoing expenses!

In other news, I’m at 34% of my monthly support which means I still have quite a ways to go. I haven’t done much active support raising lately, I’ll confess. It feels, right now, as though God has a big RED light in front of me and I’m waiting for it to turn GREEN. My desire is to stay in step with the Holy Spirit (something I’ve been learning from our friends in the Dominican Republic – namely, Pastor Julio) – and though right now it may not make sense, I know that God is using me for something.

Tomorrow I leave for a month, where I will learn many things, visit many people, and hopefully have some rest along the way (maybe that’s being too optimistic?). I’ll spend a few days in Philly with Carrie (and watch Germany beat Uruguay on Saturday), then fly out to Michigan for SEND‘s Member Orientation Program and Family Conference.  On my way back, I’ll get to attend a friend’s wedding, visit good friends, and come back up north to pick up my dear friend who is flying back from Poland! It should be an exciting month! I will do my best, as time and internet connection allows, to keep this site posted and up to date with the goings-on of this crazy journey!

Some fun things…
Book I’m currently reading: Cross-Cultural Connections, by Duane Elmer
CD currently in my car’s player (because I still don’t use an MP3 player):  personal mix of some random tunes
Currently sprawled across my bed: all of the clothes I’m packing! (and thanks to Amanda, I will NOT forget my underwear!)


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