New Supporting Church!

Well, I’m back from Michigan and attempted to write a post about the culture of airports, but it only went so far.  I’ll try and post what I wrote later on this week anyway.  I’m back subbing and feeling a little all over the place with life and friends and such BUT am glad to be back at my home church and with my small group.  I’ve usually been the kind of person who had friends from different “circles” and therefore never had a “circle” all to myself – you know, the group you call up to go to the movies with, plan a trip with, or just hang around with. I’m so thankful to have that now!

The PURPOSE of this post is to direct you to the sidebar to show you that I HAVE A NEW SUPPORTING CHURCH! Lighthouse Fellowship Church is a small church in a local city that is part of the greater fellowship of Harvest Fellowship of Churches. I’ve spoken at their church twice now and I am always really encouraged by their genuine worship and love for God and doing His work in the community and around the world. So check them out and if you’re ever in southern Connecticut, go visit them!


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