Annual Planning ______

So it used to be called, “Annual Planning RETREAT,” APR for short. But then since we’re not really going anywhere, now it’s just Annual Planning. This takes more energy to say than “APR” so now it’s an event of many names.

Since internet time is lacking, and I’m already late for dinner, I thought I’d leave you with the one picture I’ve taken all week: The picture of my “office space” at SEND when I need to sit.  Not like I have very much time, but it’s there and I worked from there yesterday.  (In between visiting people and getting in trouble for laughing too loud. That ALWAYS happens to me.)

Now, I saw John taking pictures during a meeting today (you remember John – I got all of my Urbana pictures from him!), so maybe I’ll snag some of those later after dinner. 😉


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