Michigan Beauty.

Spending some time in Michigan – Ann Arbor to be exact. Well, I’m actually bouncing around between the Arbor, Canton, and Detroit. Detroit just for day trips, though. Tomorrow I’m going for a bike ride through the city. It will be an experience because last week when I drove through the city it was simply heart breaking. The trainstation alone – beautiful it once stood, is now standing as if it was ruins of a dynasty of long ago. This is Detroit. It is remnants of a once inhabited, once thriving economy. It is the remnants of what once was the American dream lived out in one city as men and woman worked together for the majority of the same industry: our automobiles. I know there is so much history to this city and I don’t understand it all but the buildings speak for themselves. The thick, thick glass on every storefront speaks for itself. The iron bars on the store windows speak for themselves.

And then there’s Ann Arbor. Thriving, full of life, opportunity, curiousity, wonder, ideas. There are well off businesses and thousands of excited students. There is town pride, school pride, community. And there’s still brokenness and pain but it is not as visibly in the buildings. Only in the eyes of the people, or in their slurred speech on a Friday night. And even in that, it’s beautiful. Its beauty can still be found on the front porch of a co-op as students gather to live life together. Beauty can be found in the diag lawn as students sit to read or play guitar. Beauty can be found from a window seat at Espresso Royal while I sat and watched life walk by with the backdrop of torrential downpour on State Street. There is beauty in everything.

Tomorrow while I ride through Detroit, I want to look for beauty. I’m sure it’s there in small ways; little bits of life peaking through. I will look for the beauty in the ashes.


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