Bible teachin’

I think it’s been too long since I’ve posted here. I’m really sorry.  I’ve been posting witty one to two sentence posts on my gmail buzz. REALLY? Did I just admit that I’ve been posting more on a twitter-like-site over a blog? Yikes, what is this internet world coming to? Anyway, I’ve been teaching Bible for the past 7 weeks at a Christian school near my home town (it’s actually the second largest Christian school in the Northeast!). I’m working with 7th and 8th graders and absolutely loving it. It’s challenging, gets me out of my comfort zone every day, and pushes me to be vulnerable about who I am at the risk of doing it in front of 80 young people every day. I think that Bible’s quite a different beast to teach than math or science. (The teachers of those subjects agree with me, I’m sure!) Not only do you teach it – but you live it out too. And I’ll be the first to tell my students that it’s not easy to live out God’s word and that I often fall short of that. It’s been incredible to see God take what I’ve learned over my life so far and give it back to this next generation. I’m lovin’ it!

More later on my trip to Michigan which includes (but is not limited to):  coffee with Becca, seeing our president speak at U of M, cheering for Becca as she receives her diploma, making new friends, and attending SEND’s Annual Planning Retreat.


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