“It’s an Eb. You’re singing an E.”

I’ve sung in a choir since I was five. Ever since “Climb, climb up sunshine mountain,” I’d loved joining with others through music in community. Kids’ Choir led to Junior Choir which led to high school choir which led to PBU Chorale, which eventually led me to Poland for the first time. Because of the craziness of college life, I had to stop singing in the choir and I finally started singing again a couple of weeks ago when joining the choir at Trinity.

I almost cried of joy after the first rehersal, the community coming together for a common purpose and love of music makes my heart glad. But I also sensed frustration – a very common feeling for me, I remembered. Why? I didn’t get the songs right the first time. HELLO!  I just looked at this music for the first time!  But there my perfectionism reered its ugly head.

“But I’m different now,” I told myself, “being wrong isn’t going to kill me. In fact, I just may learn something.” Remembering all that I had learned about God and about myself during my time in the counseling program, I realized that it would be best for me to sing the notes with boldness – even if they were wrong. Otherwise, I might never learn the right way to sing it. Still nervous, I sang out.

Last night in choir we started a new song. The key is a tricky one and we all struggled to find our right notes – especially us soprano IIs. At one point, the conductor turned to our section, looked at me and said, “That note is an Eb. You’re singing an E.”  What happened to my heart? I gratefully accepted and tried to get it right the next time. Though, at first I sung quieter… then I realized that the only way for me to get the song right, was to sing loud – and be corrected.

This is similar to the way that I can live my life. I can live my life quietly and fly under the radar, so to speak. This way, maybe people will like me and I won’t get things wrong. OR I can live my life loud! This is the scarier one for me, but in order to become more like Christ it is how I must live because it is this way that I will learn to be more like Him by the body of Christ correcting me!  We are called to admonish one another. “Admonish” doesn’t mean, “encourage,” it means to caution, scold, or call to duty. We need to do this for each other.  And while we need to do this for each other, we also need to not hide from one another. I need to not hide myself from those whom are my brothers and sisters.  I need to be willing to make mistakes and be corrected. This way, the choir can sound as one and each member singing the right pitch. This is the way we can make beautiful music with our lives.


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