Crazy Week!

It’s been a crazy week, but a wonderful one!  On Monday, our weatherman (good ol’ Dr. Jeff) predicted the whole week to be a wintery MESS.  He was right. It hasn’t stopped snowing/raining/sleeting since Monday evening and our town has had TWO days off this week alone.  What made this week even crazier, is that I was working at a Christian school 20 minutes away from here, which had a different weather system hitting it. So Tuesday, while my siblings slept in, I trudged through the snow and rain to make it to CHS for 7:30am.  It was well worth it as I was blessed with the opportunity to substitute teach (in a PBU alum’s classroom, nonetheless!) for the week – with a lovely group of middle schoolers. With no lesson plans or work to go of off, it was time for me to wear my creative-pants (yes, apparently I have those) and solicit the help of of my friend Katy and the assistant principal (also known as  Katy’s mom).  YouTube became my best friend (there’s some amazing stuff on there).  The Lord provided wisdom and love AND patience throughout the days!

Now, today, in the snow I will travel to the train station to catch a train to Trenton! Tomorrow I’ll have my first “Heart Team” meeting at a local coffee shop and give a presentation in the evening. Sunday I’ll meet with a potential supporting church in the area and then catch a Sunday night train home to get to work again on Monday!

A wise woman (and supporter of mine) point out to me that, “The weather simply reminds us that we are not in control!” How true that is … though, I’d rather be reminded I’m not in control by having some sunshine. 😉


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