Newsletter Success.

Just a quick update to say that Starbucks was a success today! I sat down and for one hour forced myself to WRITE.  This is a good thing to know about myself, that I really need to take away all possible distractions when I really need to get something like that written.  I bought a good cup of tea, sat down and to the sounds of the new fantastic (in my opinion) sound track at Starbucks, I hammered out my January newsletter.  Look for it in your mailbox/email box next week (if you don’t get it, let me know and I’ll send you one).

Also on the list of productive things I did today was talk with Laura about my promo video.  Laura is a good friend of mine who studied film in college.  She’s decided to use HER gifts to help me raise support!  She’s helping me put together a video of me introducing myself and my ministry that I can send to churches, pastors, and individuals.  Today we worked on lighting and a general outline. Unfortunately, the disk of pictures I burned for her is still sitting on my tea table, but I will give it to her when I see her next.  Soon!  We’re going to NYC on Saturday.


One thought on “Newsletter Success.

  1. Great job! Writing a newsletter is difficult. Maybe someday everyone will read blogs and newsletters will become obsolete. You could just take a couple of blog posts and make those your newsletter.

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