Writer’s Block: Week 2.

Oh don’t you worry, I’ll get over this soon enough.  However, something about Newsletter Writer’s Block (in caps because yes, it’s a proper noun), makes me more apt to write blog posts.  Why?  It’s a different writing style.  Newsletters feel more formal to me where blog posts are more fun.  Maybe my problem is that I just need to write a fun newsletter.  Sheesh, do I pressure myself or what?!

Update on the car:  Please, can I just move to a big city with amazing public transportation and not have to buy a car? It would help so many things. (1) I’d be “going green,” and since we all know that’s IN right now, I’d be so totally cool.  (2) I wouldn’t have to buy a car. This would save me money.  (3) I wouldn’t have to go through the stress of deciding what car to buy.  (4) I wouldn’t have to worry about after buying said car, it breaking down on me again and having to shell out even more money.  (5) Public transportation can sometimes be fun! (Ask me sometime about my experiences in Berlin.)  Alas, this is not the world that I live in. I live in a world where the closest thing I can walk to is a cow farm and the closest store is a Dunkin Donuts and that’s a mile and a half away.  And so, a car is the name of the game.  This free car may not work out so well after all, though I need to have it looked at by the mechanic first.  However, God is going to provide and I’m going to keep praying and things are going to work out.  I truly do believe there’s purpose to this all.  If anything, not having a car has meant I’ve been stationary here which is making me more reliant on the community AND making me more involved. Therefore, it’s all good in the end.  I’m learning, I’m growing, God is glorified, and I still like taking the train.

In other news, support raising is a tough business.  I’ve been feeling discouraged recently,  and yet I am encouraged to know that there is a team of people praying for me.  I am so thankful for my prayer partners, they rock.

Today’s plan: have lunch with Mom, head to Starbucks for an afternoon of writing my newsletter without the distraction of the internet (I never can figure out how to work it there), brainstorm with Laura about my promo video (more on that to come), and Bible study at church with Pastor Jeff.  Happy Wednesday!


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