Writer’s block…?

It’s interesting that I would come to my blog amidst severe Newsletter Writer’s Block.  It’s true, I don’t know what to write.  I have a plan, a direction, and yet the words aren’t coming and the thought is going nowhere.  I have a lovely layout and some cool pictures but the words are coming slowly.

This reminds me of writing papers during college.  And spending hours on facebook instead of writing.  So I came here instead hoping to get other words out and then maybe the Newsletter Words will come.  So far, not so good.  Instead, I’ll give a life update.  : )

I had this feeling that I would come to really like being here in CT before I left because that would making leaving THAT much harder.  And how exciting is life if you can go through it and leave someplace whenever you want to leave it.  Not fun at all, apparently.  Good thing is, I’m reaching that point of really enjoying being here.  That’s not to say that I’m not excited to start working full time with SEND, but I’m enjoying one day at a time and the blessings that come along with that.  For example, I’m going to see my sister play basketball tonight and I’ll get to watch Chuck with my little brother and I’ve been to Starbucks FOUR times (count ‘um: FOUR) this week spending time with friends from Trinity.  I’m enjoying leading my small group (and all of the crazy activities that this involves), I’ve started attending Bible study (it feels like Bible college classes and I love it) and I’m watching the blossoming of our church’s International Partnership (informational lunch this Sunday!!).  My heart SOARS with joy when I spend time in the community of my home church and I’m learning how to love people better by living here with my family (because isn’t that what family is all about — learning to love AT ALL TIMES?).

God is working in my heart, challenging me in other ways and bringing me outside of my comfort zone. I have a different attitude toward that now – it doesn’t feel like death to me like it did months ago.  I’m a different person since graduating.  Chaos and messiness don’t throw me as easily (though I still do get shaken up) and problems that would have seemed impossible now seem possible by faith.  God works all things out in HIS timing, not mine.  I’m learning to be reliant on Him and even my motivation relies on Him (cure for writer’s block = prayer? Hm. What a thought!).

On a completely different but similar note, things are in the works for a car! I’ll post the details later, once things are more finalized. Bare facts: FREE, in Michigan, needs to visit the mechanic.  So once it’s visited El Mechanico and my one-way plane ticket to Detroit is purchased, details will come.  Don’t fall off of your seat while you’re sitting on the edge.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about relearning Spanish because that’s come up in my life a lot recently.  Also, I’m dying to make some Chicken Adobo.  So come on over some night for Filipino food! : )

(Even with this writer’s block, I can still make a pretty successful blog entry. SOMETHING IS ACCOMPLISHED!)


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