Urbana! Day 4.

Today started out with a trip up the Arch! Jokingly, we made it a Biblical event… either by it being the upside down “Ark” or by being what the Israelites carried through the wilderness (the Arc of the Covenant).  Oh, this is what Bible college does to you.  Anyway, St. Louis was beautiful in the lightly fallen snow, and it was really cool to see the Mississippi River and the city from the top of the Arch.

Working at the booth went really well today. Before I was “on shift,” I walked around through the other booths talking with other ministries and organizations and learning about what they do. It was an incredible experience, first of all, to get the feeling of what the students experience while they walk around and talk with people. It really helped me to learn more of what to do and not to do from our booth (i.e. not wanting to be pushy and being genuinely interested in the students).  I also had the chance to talk with some missionaries and students interested in counseling in missions! (Hooray for networking!)

We ended our day early today by relaxing a little and grabbing some dinner at a local Japanese restaurant (I really do love Japanese curry!) and a soak in the hotel hot tub (which feels good after standing all day!).  Here’s a picture from our dinner, as Angela serenaded us with her lovely piano playing and Amy looks on:

(Angela and Amy are from our Canadian office.  The more time I spend with them, the more of the Canadian accent I pick up! This is dangerous, for sure!)


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