Urbana! Day 3.

Sadly, I don’t have pictures today! I can’t find John who usually uploads his pictures from the day before bed, and I, sadly, haven’t been taking many pictures.

Well, I’ll try to describe an event rather than give you a picture (since a picture is worth a thousand words, it may be a little less than a picture because I’m tired and don’t want to write for too long!).  I sat in on a seminar by Paul Borthwick (professor at Gordon College) and when I got back to our table, Carrie was standing with two young woman who she introduced me too. The first is a student at Yale Divinity School! I threw my hands back in excitement — I live TWENTY minutes from you in Connecticut! We talked about book stores we love and the area of Yale and how we’ll connect once we’re both back on the east coast. The other young woman is a student at Gordon College! We also connect over the people and places there and I tell her that I’ve just been to her missions conference! We connect later for dinner and I promise to come visit her later in the semester.

I’ve been learning so much about SEND and their different ministries around the world. I enjoy listening to the seasoned missionaries/mobilizers as they explain to students about what’s going on and how they can be involved.  I was inspired hearing one of my teammates challenge a student to really get to know the different agencies before choosing the one to go with (“choosing an agency is somewhere in between choosing a college and choosing a spouse…”).

I am really excited challenged to get back and get support raising kicked into gear!  One thing that I realize has been holding me back is the fear that I’m not good enough, that this ministry isn’t worth asking for people’s money and relationship. But this week I’m realizing more and more how IMPORTANT and how much of an IMPACT SEND is having around the world. I’m a part of that now, and I want other people to be too!


One thought on “Urbana! Day 3.

  1. Hey, Christine! It doesn’t matter whether you are good enough or not. None of us are! But God is!!!

    Your joy and enthusiasm are what is needed in mobilization. It’s catchy! Keep up the good work!!!

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