Urbana! Day 2

Today was a booth-standing, people-talking, feet-hurting, line-waiting kind of a day! Here’s a photo of our line for dinner:

At the bottom right of the picture, you see Tom Engelsman, the director of mobilization. Today was his birthday and we sang to him EVERY chance we got: at the booth, in line for food, while eating food, while eating lunch at the Chinese restaurant… you name it. In this picture his face looks a little red, so we were probably singing as this picture was taken.

A lot of good conversations were had today.  Some students have passions, some have directions, and some have an incredible willingness to go anywhere and do anything.  Some have experience and some want experience.  Often while talking with students, I feel inadequate to be giving the information and talking about what God is doing through SEND around the world. At the same time, what I do know excites me and I am realizing that God does not call me to fit a certain mold while I stand at the table. Instead, He calls me to be ME – broken. hurting. joyful. ME.  I want to be real, I want to be honest before God and with myself about who I am and where I am. God has placed me here at this time in this place for a specific purpose and reason, and maybe I’ll know what that is on the plane ride home or maybe not.  But I desire to be the hands and feet and lips of Christ while I serve here in St. Louis this week.

To God be the glory through His work and power in the lives of His people.


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